When everybody knows that something is impossible, someone comes who does not know about that, and he does it.

Furniture made of acrylic glass


Acrylic glass is a beautiful and noble material, but difficult to work with. Once wrongly associated with plastic, now - due to its great aesthetic appeal - conquers the world of best interior designers and architects. In many cases replaces successfully traditional glass while offering a wide range of possibilities, often unavailable with products made from other materials. Modern homemade showrooms, restaurants, banks, hotels, casinos and shops - everywhere acryl glass (plexiglass) alters reality, creating a clean and aesthetic modernity.

Furniture is our passion, and plexi - it's our creative challenge. We create plexiglass furniture in combination with various materials. We cooperate closely with the best upholsterers, carpenters, artistic blacksmiths and goldsmiths. We also own woodworking shop, so combining plexi with wood is well-known to us.

Tables, benches, coffee tables, chairs, stools, hokers, chairs, showcases, lamps, shelves, cabinets, countertops, kitchen or bathroom furniture - acrylic glass conquers minds of many designers throughout the world. We do not store our products and do not have a fixed price list. Every single item is designed and produced under the specific contract. Therefore, each product is in a certain sense unique, and our clients are treated individually.

We invite to cooperation architects, interior designers and everybody interested in modern design.